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What Sets Us Apart

We Value Our Patients and Providers

RHS manages and serves a large Clinically-integrated network of independent medical Providers across all 50 of the United States. Many of our Providers were recently displaced from their work due to a personal conviction. As a company, we support our Providers and believe medicine is not a “one size fits all” discipline.  Moreover, our shared values demand that we enable our Providers to practice medicine free from coercion and discrimination of any kind.

If you are a patient in search of honest medical care, you have come to the right place. We invite you to schedule a telehealth appointment and one of our Doctors will see you now.

If you are a Provider who puts their patients’ true health and well being first, we invite you to reach out and join our network by sending an email to

Services We Offer

We’re Here for You

At this time, we are offering limited nationwide telehealth services for acute care issues such as COVID-19 or cough and sniffles.  We are quickly expanding these services to include specialty care such as family practice, mental health, diabetes management, occupational therapy, and much more.  We do not take insurance of any kind and payment is required at the time of scheduling. Patients can reschedule appointments at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment and refunds are not given for patient no shows as we must still pay for the Provider’s time.

Become a Patient

How It Works

Are you interested in receiving telehealth care? Patients can purchase a telehealth consult through our website and we then match them with an available Provider licensed in their State.  The Provider will conduct your visit, update your patient’s chart, and process any prescriptions or lab work needed.  Follow ups are scheduled as needed and you will be given guidance on how to get any applicable prescriptions filled.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Online scheduling is quick and easy via our telehealth portal.  You can also choose to see a Provider right now, so long as one of our Providers are available.

Schedule a Telehealth Consult Now