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Remote Health Solutions is on the front lines in the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are a full service telemedicine provider, both clinically and technologically. The name of the game is containment. Isolate the patient, protect the care team, and provide access to care through virtual health. Call Us Today!

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Our Mission

At RHS, we believe that technology will ultimately make healthcare accessible to everyone around the world. Our mission is to make that belief a reality through our people and products. We do this by enabling and expanding global access to life-saving, remote medical care. And in the process, we believe we make the world a little bit better of a place.

Connected Care, Anywhere

Regardless of location, bring the Doctor to the patient. The "Virtual Exam Room" provides FDA-cleared,  HIPAA compliant,  and Cyber-secure care anywhere.

What we do


Systems Integration

RHS is a systems integration company for the connected care and virtual health industries.  Our subject matter experts have the real world experience needed to understand our customers' unique requirements and differentiated use cases.   While the individual tools we offer are hardware, software, cloud, services, and training solutions; it is the combination of these elements that results in a cutting-edge capability delivered to our government and private sector end users.  As a company, we are less focused on a single piece of hardware or software.  Instead, we focus on bringing world class solutions together to form an overall capability that will allow our customers to accomplish their mission more easily, efficiently, and effectively.


Virtual Health and Telemedicine Hardware Devices

Introducing the Virtual Exam Room (VER).  With VER, a Doctor or Specialist is always accessible.  The VER platform allows a Provider to remotely diagnose and treat patients around the world, meaning a visit to the VER has the same benefits as going to the Doctor's office... just without the inconvenience.


Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management

RHS provides customized Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs that are unique and customizable to each Provider, patient and locality.  Our experienced team of Providers strives to provide healthcare to patients from the comfort of their own home.  Contact us to discuss solutions for your practice and see how our team can help you navigate the CMS reimbursement physician fee schedule to accurately forecast generated savings for your practice.


Government Services and Solutions

RHS services the US Government by providing advanced capabilities and mission-tailored solutions that enable medical personnel to perform their work more efficiently, no matter where they are in the world.  Where connectivity is a must--yet available bandwidth is constrained, such as in an operational theater of war--our technology performs beyond expectations, allowing the medical Provider to focus on their mission.  

In the summer of 2019, RHS became the first company in the world to offer the Air Force Research Laboratory's multi-patient monitoring application known as "BATDOK" for sale commercially.  As a Systems Integrator, we then enhanced this stand alone capability with our "Virtual Exam Room" telemedicine platform, resulting in a first-of-its-kind capability for the military in the operational environment.   Click the BATDOK ™ logo to the right to learn more.

Where we Serve our Clients

Land, Air, or Sea

RHS provides an unmatched telehealth solution with real time diagnostics and Doctor/patient face-to-face virtual interaction.   

The result is decreased liability for the providers of emergency remote medicine, coupled with higher fidelity and assessment confidence in directing treatment or providing a diagnosis.  

Our Clients work within multiple industries:

- US and Foreign Military forces

- Hospitals and Emergency Departments

- Home Health

- Remote care clinics

- Concierge medicine

- Skilled Nursing Facilities

- Assisted Living Facilities


- Domestic and International Airlines

- Private air charter

- In-flight medical emergency call centers

- Ocean freight, shipping, and cargo companies

- Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Services

- Luxury Yacht Community

- Land and sea-based oil rigs/platforms

- Domestic and International EMS providers

- Disaster Relief Efforts

- Refugee and Humanitarian Crises

Training and CBT Development

We provide industry specific custom training solutions for our customers and end-users to become proficient and confident in using the VER technology and associated products. Whether the need is for a team of trainers to provide a personalized certification program of instruction or an online computer-based training (CBT) program, RHS can support your requirements.

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