The RHS Story

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Adam S. Hardage

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


My Story: Before becoming an entrepreneur, I served for 20-years with the US military and Defense Department in a variety of operational capacities. I am a veteran of three wars, speak four languages, and have served on five continents.  

Two days before I was scheduled to return Stateside while on a deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, I awoke to find I had lost most of my vision and balance. A teammate escorted me to the clinic at Kandahar Airfield, where I was seen by a nurse who could provide no diagnosis. I was then evacuated to Bagram Airbase, where the medical staff provided no diagnosis but concluded I was suffering from double vision as a result of unknown head trauma (there was no head trauma). I was then flown back Stateside and a Doctor with the Defense Department estimated it might be a brain tumor, although he could provide no definitive diagnosis. I finally returned home to Tampa, FL, and began consulting with a variety of Specialists on my own. After seeing five neurologists, undergoing a four day stay in the hospital, an MRI, and a spinal tap; the diagnosis was finally in. Multiple Sclerosis of the relapsing/ remitting variety. This was devastating news, but still better than a brain tumor. After another six weeks of care, my vision and balance had returned for the most part. I am fortunate in that today I am able to lead a normal, active lifestyle with my family and I'm grateful for every day!


Upon meeting Mory Ejabat in late-2016 (founder of Dictum Health and the VER telemedicine suite of products), I realized this technology could dramatically change how healthcare is administered around the globe. Moreover, it could literally bring healthcare to billions of people who had never before seen a Doctor! I imagined how my own situation might have been different had the VER been available back in Afghanistan in 2011. Would it have prevented my MS? No, but it could have prevented the multiple mis-diagnoses (and non-diagnoses), eased some of the emotional strain of not knowing, and gotten me into the hospital for proper care much more quickly.

I teamed up with my brother-in-law Dr. Jon Baugh (an ER Physician and all-around good guy) to co-found RHS and we struck a deal with Mory to become an exclusive reseller of Dictum Health's "Virtual Exam Room" telemedicine devices. 


Our mission now: to bring quality remote care to anyone on the globe who needs it.


Dr. Jonathan M. Baugh

 Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder 

 When I was a child we had only one general practice physician in our  small town. The simple and remote nature is what drew people to the  beautiful community, but the remote nature of the area also created an obstacle to bringing in more physicians. One aspect of what drove me to a career and life in medicine was this aspect of my  childhood. During medical school in Virginia, we volunteered in rural  communities that had no medical provider in the entire county. These  experiences have stayed close to my heart. So when my brother-in-law  Adam Hardage (our CEO) approached me with an opportunity to help deliver provider access to rural communities and austere conditions I wanted to be involved. When I saw the VER device for the very first time, I knew that we could truly change the way healthcare is delivered. When traveling as an ambassador for the nation’s largest Emergency Department  management company, I again was made aware of the lack of healthcare coverage in rural communities, and then with the VER technology I knew we could deliver that as well as provide a physician anywhere, anytime.  That means we can place a doctor in a rural community, on an airplane, on an oil rig, on a cargo ship, or provide life saving and life changing direct healthcare to pre-hospital, hospital, post hospital , and follow up care. In my nearly two decades of healthcare I believe that this is the most revolutionary device I have ever seen. I look forward to helping you, your company, and your community.