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Utilized Across Multiple Industries

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) can significantly increase their savings by using the VER to avoid costly patient readmissions to the hospital. Not only are readmissions expensive, they also put patients at risk for complications and disrupt treatment plans. 

With the help of RHS, our VER solution will decrease emergency room visits, hospital readmissions and improve your FIVE STAR RATINGS. Additionally, the peace of mind and marketing value of having 24/7 access to a Physician network reassures your residents and their families that expert care is always available at the touch of a button.

In addition, EMR sync also allows remote care providers to instantly review labs, enter orders, document, and manage the patient.

Medical Transportation

Shorten the door-to-balloon time for potential STEMI (heart attack) patients with realtime 12-lead ECG.  Upon seing the ECG, an ER Physician can save time by putting the Cath Lab on notice and getting it prepped. 

Shorten door-to-needle time for potential stroke patients with PTZ camera. The ER Physician will know in realtime whether a CT scan needs to be ordered immediately or not.

In both cases, Emergency Departments shorten their response times and increase the available window of the “golden hour.”

For Life Flight, saving a life often comes down to time. Given the nature of the platform, Life Flight services are often called to distant and remote locations, which implies a long transport time for the patient. 

With VER onboard, the receiving Physician can see the patient in realtime and direct critical, life-saving care from afar. 

Commercial Airline

VER eliminates the game of “telephone” between the patient, the flight attendant, the Captain, and the ground call center. Now, a Doctor in the call center can see the patient face-to-face and receive complete, realtime medical diagnostics. The Doctor can also direct the flight attendant to administer specific medications or care from the accompanying First Aid kit. All of which allows the Captain to get back to the job of flying the plane.

The result: decreased liability, higher fidelity of care, increased confidence in the Physician’s diagnosis, and a better call in determining whether or not to divert the aircraft.

In Home Care

Discharged from the hospital but still not fully recovered.  Managing chronic disease while trying to stay as healthy as possible.  These are very real conditions for millions of Americans and the healthcare system continues to become more overburdened by the day.  At RHS, our tailored solutions for connected care in the home help keep patients in their homes and out of the hospital.  With our completey-integrated remote patient monitoring and telemedicine devices and service, we can provide concierge-level care for those in need.

Military Operations

In a forward-deployed, austere environment, or combat zone; the odds of having a Doctor or Specialist near you are almost zero. And while a military unit may have a supremely-trained medic on the team, there are countless situations where having a Doctor on-hand would be invaluable. From point of injury to Prolonged Field Care to recovery back home, the VER is a critical requirement for military healthcare providers.  And with the VER, the dream of always having a Doctor available is now a reality. Doctor-directed remote care in real time. No matter where in the world, we’re right there with you.

Refugee Camp

Africa. The Middle East. Even Western Europe has now become a refugee center as a result of the fight against ISIS and the civil war in Syria. The result has been the largest humanitarian crisis the world has seen in modern times. Deploying the VER into war torn Syria or refugee camps in Jordan not only provides thousands with an opportunity to see a Doctor for the first time in their lives, but it provides life-saving care where it is needed most. 

Rural Care Facilities

VER allows you to keep revenue local and see a higher rate of admissions with a decrease in transfers. These factors positively impact health care availability in your rural area and helps equalize health care disparities by keeping vulnerable hospitals open. If a local hospital can keep nocturnal emergency patients in-house rather than transferring them, the community, patients, local doctors, hospital finances, and area  reputation all benefit—at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member. 

Maritime and Luxury

You have a sick passenger or crew aboard your ship. Is there a Doctor onboard? 

With VER, the answer is “Yes, 24/7.” With the cost savings from preventing just one unnecessary medical helo evacuation, the VER has paid for itself. Whats more, your passengers and crew now always have access to the care they need, which improves the quality of the work place, lifts morale, and increases efficiency. 

Offshore Oil Platforms

While most offshore oil platforms have a safety and medical officer, these individuals rarely have specialized medical training. The default reaction when confronted with a sick or injured worker is typically to evacuate them off the rig at enormous cost. Using the VER, when you prevent just one unnecessary medical helo evacuation, it pays for itself. Whats more, your crew is happier, knowing they have access to quality care, which improves morale and increases the platform’s efficiency. 

Keep Your Products Performing at All Times

Maintenance and Inspection Program: Industry-specific

RHS provides a tailorable, industry-specific ongoing maintenance and inspection program to keep equipment functioning and medications up to date. For example, the FAA and commercial airline industry requires periodic inspections and certifications of all aircraft emergency medical equipment, RHS can perform these services and more under its  “Total Inflight Health Solution” program. These same kinds of services and programs are also available to Government, Fire and EMS, and commercial seagoing clients.

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