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Chronic Care Management

CCM Program

In addition to establishing a remote patient monitoring program to monitor chronically-ill patients,  Providers can implement a chronic care management program to better manage their patients with two or more chronic conditions. Our experienced team of Providers keeps an eye on our chronically-ill patient population around the clock utilizing telehealth and telemedicine platforms to prevent readmissions to hospitals and allowing for continued care of the patient from the comfort of their home. 

CCM and RPM programs are highly beneficial and both services are reimbursable on a monthly basis. These programs are key to improving overall patient outcomes and experience while generating additional savings.

Customized Clinical Pathways

RHS works with Providers to develop clinical pathways specific to the patients they serve. We develop customizable chronic care management solutions to help manage patient care and provide additional support to ensure patient vitals are closely monitored and shared with providers overseeing the care.

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