Remote Patiet Monitoring (RPM)

RPM for Chronic Conditions


10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 years old every day and become Medicare (CMS) patients. Many of those patients have chronic conditions such as COPD or Diabetes.  Placing them on a regular RPM and wellness program leads to better patient outcomes and prevents existing smaller problems from becoming bigger problems. These programs are now generally cost-neutral or revenue-generating.

RPM for Cost Savings


By putting patients with chronic conditions on a regular RPM and wellness program, we can dramatically decrease the rate of hospital readmissions, decrease the length of stay once in the hospital, and avoid unnecessary and costly ER visits.  Our proven RPM model incorporates complete, end-to-end monitoring and telemedicine for those in need.

RPM for Revenue


Thanks to new CMS reimbursement rules for RPM services as of 1 January 2019, we can now offer a CMS Provider the ability to generate significant additional annual revenue for their practice.  There are no out of pocket costs for the equipment or the service.  We provide the concierge-level care. The provider's bottom line improves. The patient's health gets the benefit.

additional services

Chronic Care Management (CCM)


In addition to establishing a RPM program to monitor chronically-ill patients, Providers would be well-served by implementing a CCM program to manage their Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions. Esablishing CCM and RPM programs are highly encouraged by Medicare and both services are reimbursable on a monthly basis. These programs are key to improving patient outcomes, decreasing readmissions rates, and generating additional revenue for Providers.

Care Central Cloud Subscription Services


Web enabled software and cloud services allow clinicians to examine, diagnose, and treat even the most

at-risk patients anytime, anywhere.

CARE CENTRAL cloud services expedites clinical decisions and expands clinical reach using VER. Provides clinical accuracy of an in-hospital exam across all patient populations, neonate to adult. Effectively manages and monitors remote patients from any care setting with biometric trends and patient alert system. Provides seamless EMR integration (HL7).

Management and Organizational Consulting


  • How do we decrease our medical costs?
  • How do we limit our liability?
  • What is the best solution for our organization?
  • How do we integrate patient records with EMR?
  • How do we decrease hospital  readmission rates?
  • How do we shorten the golden hour for a heart attack or stroke?
  • How do we bill a telehealth exam?
  • How do we use this to save lives?

On-Site Personalized Training Solutions


We provide qualifiied instructors for on-site training of staff and employees to learn how to operate and maintain the various VER platforms. We also provide tailored solutions for industry-specific training requirements such as commercial airlines, emergency medical services, and commercial shipping. Hands-on training is a must for building confidence and efficiency in using the device. Time can save lives in many medical emergencies. As such, every employee should be proficient in using the VER.

Maintenance and Inspection Program: Industry-specific


RHS provides a tailorable, industry-specific ongoing maintenance and inspection program to keep equipment functioning and medications up to date. For example, the FAA and commercial airline industry requires periodic inspections and certifications of all aircraft emergency medical equipment. RHS can perform these services and more under its  "Total Inflight Health Solution" program. These same kinds of services and programs are also available to EMS and commercial seagoing clients.

Customizable VER Platforms and Integrated Solutions


  • VER-InFlight (commercial and private air travel) 
  • VER-OnBoard (for our seagoing clients)

These are two examples of VER platforms which have been tailored for specific industries. In addition to providing the VER, RHS can provide the AED, medications, and First-Aid kit, all in one convenient, regularly-inspected package. A one-stop solution for all onboard medical needs. Contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can provide a tailored solution for your organization or industry.