Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM Services


RHS provides HIPAA-compliant solutions and FDA class II 510(K) cleared devices to patients and clients. Our clinical teams monitor patient vitals, interact with patients via audio/video, and track trends and analytics to detect possible underlying conditions.  Providers receive monthly reports detailing the status of care, alerts triggered, and actions taken by the care team.

RPM Clinical Programs


Our specialized team of healthcare professionals includes physicians and nurses that customize RPM programs specific to the clinical pathways of your practice allowing you to expand your reach to improve each person's quality of life. Simply put, we are an extension of your team.

Cost Savings


By putting patients with chronic conditions on a RPM and wellness program, we can dramatically decrease the rate of hospital readmissions, reduce  hospital length of stay, and avoid unnecessary and costly ER visits.  Our proven RPM model incorporates complete, end-to-end monitoring and telemedicine for those in need and creating exceptional clinical and financial ROI.