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Covid-19 Test Kits

Collection Kit for Covid-19 Testing


 We apologize to any individuals seeking a COVID-19 test as we are not able to supply specimen collection kits for home use. If you believe you need a test, we recommend you contact your primary care doctor to obtain an order for testing to be done at one of your local testing sites. 

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Covid-19 Proof Points & Product Documentation

SDNA – 1000 Saliva Stability

A study published by RUCDR comparing saliva vs. swab for COVID-19 sample collection showcased the unique RNA advantages of the patented Spectrum blue preservation chemistry in addition to its superior DNA preservation capabilities. Visual confirmation is delivered immediately upon securing the cap in place that the device is doing its intended job to deliver the quality samples required for accurate testing.

A Few SDNA Device Highlights

  • Non-invasive collection for saliva specimen.  
  • Proven to stabilize and protect COVID-19 RNA during specimen transport in all extreme temperatures over 10 days.
  • Engineered to reduce collection errors.

SNDA “How To” Instructional Product Video

Remember: DO NOT eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for 30-minutes before collecting your saliva sample.

Instructions for Use

Saliva Collection Kit and Covid-19 Saliva Testing Q&A

Saliva Test Collection Kits

The total price for COVID-19 test collection kits includes:

  • 50 Saliva Test Collection Kits for COVID-19 testing.
  • Instructions For Use (IFU) for sample collection.
  • 50 bio bags for return shipping.
  • 5 larger bio-hazard bags which can hold 10 collected samples for return shipping.
  • 2 Prepaid FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping Labels and UN3373 Lab Pack Bags for shipping FROM Client location TO the Lab.
  • Instructions For Shipping.
  • Test Results to the Provider via online web portal.

What is Not Included

  • Processing Fee for the Lab (usually $100 per test).
  • Shipping of COVID-19 test kits from Manufacturer to Client.
  • Doctor’s Order – please ensure you have a licensed physician, NP or PA that can write an order for a lab test. If not, please contact RHS and we will help discuss your options.

How Do Patients Receive Results

  1. After the lab recessives the COVID-19 saliva test sample, the tests are processed and results provided within 24 hours. 
  2. The results are sent to a HIPAA-compliant portal where the Primary Care Provider can view results for their specific group of patients and discuss results with their patients.

Additional Information

  1. Contact us for orders that exceed 200 COVID test kits.
  2. COVID lab tests are being reimbursed by most insurers as required by the CARES ACT for uninsured patients. Please refer to your insurance plan for further information.
  3. Lab will provide the client billing information for reimbursement upon request.
  4. During COVID-19 and due to the nature of product, RHS will not accept returns.
  5. Requests for expedited shipping from manufacturer to client may incur additional costs. Please contact RHS for expedited shipping.

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