Care Central Cloud

Web enabled software and cloud services allow clinicians to examine, diagnose, and treat even the most at-risk patients anytime, anywhere.  This lets the entire care team to know what's going on with a patient no matter where they are in the world.   Additional benefits include:

- Expediting clinical decisions and expanding a Provider's clinical reach using VER.  

- Clinical accuracy of an in-hospital exam across all patient populations, neonate to adult. 

- Effectively manages and monitors remote patients from any care setting with biometric trends and patient alert system. 

When desired, Care Central also provides seamless integration to Electronic Health Records (EHR) (via an HL7 gateway).  This integration ensures a patient's health records are complete and up-to-date, which expedites clinical decisions and provides for a historically-accurate record of patient care.

The Care Central Clinician Web Portal also enables Providers to effectively manage and synchronously monitor  patients from any care setting with vital signs, diagnostic trends, and a patient alert system. 

Clinician Portal

From the VER waiting room, clinicians enter a VER with a patient and perform a complete clinical examination with synchronous video conferencing and a live view of the patient's diagnostic data and medical images. This capability allows clinicians to assess, diagnose, and recommend treatment in the same fashion as an in-hospital exam.

Patient data collected and stored in the cloud includes:

• Height • Weight/BMI • Blood  Pressure • Pulse • Sp02 • Respiratory Rate • Temperature

• Cardio Pulmonary • 3- and 12-Lead ECG • Spirometry • Electronic Stethoscope •  Medical images 

• ENT Camera • 2 Integrated cameras • Hearing Test/Audiogram  • Video Laryngoscope 


Click picture to view recorded live VER demo's in action!


WiFi/MiFi/Wired CAT-5


The VER finds and connects to any WiFi or MiFi access point of your choosing. For wired applications, a simple CAT-5 connection provides high-speed video and data transmission.  Exam and patient data is then either synced to your EMR or stored on the cyber-secure, HIPAA-compliant, Care Central Cloud.



With only a 3G connection, the VER provides two-way live video streaming and real time diagnostic patient data. Imagine that... a Doctor on screen, conducting a full exam and running diagnostics from 10,000 miles away.



In situations where distance and mobility hamper terrestrial communication (on a ship far out to sea or in a remote environment), VER can operate over a satellite connection. RHS is the first and only company to successfully conduct a live video exam with streaming diagnostic data over a low bandwidth military (BGAN) satellite.  Contact us to discuss custom solutions for your remote connectivity needs.

Cellular Hotspot


Easily turn any smart phone into a mobile hotspot for the VER. As long as the phone has service, the Doctor is in and you're good to go.

Store and Forward


In cases when all connectivity is lost, the VER operates on a "store and forward" methodology.  The device can still be used to conduct an exam and store critical diagnostic data internally.  As soon as connectivity is reestablished, the VER automatically syncs that data through the secure cloud.

Military Tactical Networks


Through our Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the US Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), we have demonstrated seamless connectivity to a variety of tactical networks, including: tactical radio, wave relay, mobile ad hoc network (MANET), satellite, and other military communications networks. US military and government personnel are invited to contact us to discuss further.

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