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Introducing the World to BATDOK

In Partnership with AFRL, RHS Proudly Brings You BATDOK

The Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit (BATDOK) application is a point-of-injury documentation tool with the primary  goal of increasing ease and accuracy of documentation in high stress,  fast-paced environments. BATDOK provides tools to decrease the cognitive workload of medics and allows them to provide lifesaving care to multiple patients simultaneously. 

BATDOK Capabilities
- Add and Triage a new patient
- Quickly document the mechanisms of injury to your patient
- Add a wireless sensor to a patient and auto-log vitals
- View a patient's vital trends
- Record when medicines, fluids, or blood products were given, all timestamped
- View multiple patients' vitals simultaneously
- Handoff your patient to the next level of care
- Record voice notes for a patient and attach them to their record
- Add a picture to a patient's file
- Network with teammates to collaborate on patient care, share documentation, and vitals
- Organize a CASEVAC and rack-and-stack, based on priority of evacuation
- Write patient's information or a common medicine to an NFC card for quick data transfer
-  Use Mission Cards (9-Line Generator, NFC Builder), Medical References  (Dopamine Calculator, Drip Calculator) and fill out Medical Documentation (Burn Resuscitation Flow Sheet, MACE Generator)
- Keep custom countdowns via Medical Timer, tracking when meds or fluids were administered


BATDOK  was developed in-house by the Battlefield Airmen Targeting Man Aided Knowledge (BATMAN) team as part of the Air Force Research Laboratory  (AFRL). 


RHS is taking BATDOK to the next level by integrating BATDOK with our worldwide Virtual Exam Room (VER) telemedicine video consult platform and real-time diagnostic patient data streaming capability!  All of the information then passed via BATDOK or VER is synced seamlessly to our AES-256 AWS Care Central Cloud back end.  RHS brings the "up and out" connectivity and telemedicine consult capabilities to take BATDOK from stand alone device to a dynamic, fully-integrated solution for medics in the field around the globe.  All data is then synced to an Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR or EHR) system of the customer's choosing, such as MHS Genesis.  The result: care anywhere, anytime, for any number of patients.


The US military currently has no reliable way for a medic in the field to remotely consult with a physician or specialist in real time over secure video while sharing live patient data and vital signs. Moreover, they have no way to transmit that critical patient data from the field to a higher echelon of care. These problems are magnified when caring for multiple patients in multiple locations (such as during a mass casualty event). The result is that situational awareness suffers and patient information on injuries sustained, treatment performed, and medications administered is lost. These gaps cost time which can ultimately costs lives.

The BATDOK application, enhanced with our Virtual Exam Room solves all of these problems and more... contact us to find the solution that's right for you.

Batdok in action

Checkout BATDOK in action!

see what batdok can do

Check out this informative video overview of BATDOK's functionality.

endless possibilities

Check out this great video from TechLink on the possibilities with BATDOK!


RHS Wins USAF contract for BATDOK

Air Force Pitch Day at NYC Times Square

RHS was extremely honored to be selected to present at the US Air Force's Inaugural Pitch Day at Times Square in NYC!  After a successful "shark tank" style pitch session, we were then awarded the contract of our dreams... to integrate our technology with the Air Force Research Laboratory's BATDOK application in order to bring a fully-integrated commercial solution for multi-patient monitoring to the world.  

The result is a capability that answers a series of critical requirements gaps for the US military medical professional, no matter where they find them self on the globe.  

We invite you to contact us in order to find the solution that's right for you!

Learn More

RHS is currently executing a SBIR Phase I contract under AF 19.1-010 to integrate the BATDOK application with our Virtual Exam Room telemedicine capability and back end.  Contact us to discuss the sole source contract opportunity the SBIR program provides for your Federal or DoD unit.

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